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...that some things are in fact irrevocable and that it had counted after all, every evasion and ever procrastination, every word, all of it.

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Anonymous asked: Are you a high maintenance chick?

It depends on what “high maintenance” means to you, since everyone has different standards!

Anonymous asked: 5feet3inch chick looking for how tall of a glass of water?

Excuse me? Haha

This almond-powder-sugar-croissant is to die for. #croissant #delicious #whatthebodycravesitmusteat #ilostitofficially

This almond-powder-sugar-croissant is to die for. #croissant #delicious #whatthebodycravesitmusteat #ilostitofficially

Anonymous asked: What size shoes do you wear? You look so petite!

I’m not petite! I’m 5.3 (I think that’s average?), and I’m usually a 6-6.5 in shoe size, haha. And I wear insanely HIGH heels all the time, hehe.

First time trying Honey B🐝 #Delectable

First time trying Honey B🐝 #Delectable


It’s 4:32AM and I can’t sleep. It’s probably ‘cause I sipped on coffee until 11 (that’s when work ended). Anyway, post-grad life is pretty great. It feels amazing to live healthily. I honestly feel physically, mentally and emotionally a lot happier. I’m definitely eating SIGNIFICANTLY healthier, while consuming significantly less alcohol. My body feels great. Living a healthier lifestyle helps me feel mentally a lot better, too. On top of that, I feel emotionally great. I rarely feel anxious anymore. But that’s probably because I started doing one-to-one with my pastor. I always called myself a Christian, and thought that I knew God, but I was wrong. Really learning who Jesus is, is undeniably changing my life. Slowly, but surely. 

Bleh, thinking about having work again tomorrow sickens me…… All I can really look forward to is Sunday, when I don’t have work. On the bright note, I started YOGA~

Anonymous asked: White boys over asian boys? Or asian boys over white boys?

I don’t discriminate.

Anonymous asked: Ok noona, i'll stop. But i'll start calling you ahjumma then.

Alrighty. Whatever floats your little boat~

Anonymous asked: Would you date a Asian guys?

I’m not racist. And I’m Asian, myself.

Anonymous asked: Noona, what is one thing you dont like when guys do?

When they call girls “noona.” And talk too much, maybe.

Makeup is a cool tool😛🔨🔧

Makeup is a cool tool😛🔨🔧

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Anonymous asked: your so cute in that picture with glasses.. omg i cant..

Lawls. Thanksz.

Anonymous asked: Noona, how tall is your ideal guy going to be?

5.10 or above.

Anonymous asked: What are you doing in San Francisco? Are you from San Francisco?

I was staying at my sister’s place for a few weeks, so I was hanging out in SF a lot. I lived in SF for a few years from kindergarden through second grade, but I lived in Marin most of my life.